On Sabbatical

Life serves up a series of choices, and our decisions affect our quality of life — spiritually, mentally, relationally, emotionally and financially. Some choices are for the most part, benign; some are tantamount, but each choice leads to another, and another… it’s the process of building a life, a legacy.



January came and left without a peep from me; I know. The month brought equal amounts of joy and heartache. But we are still here. Still thankful. Choosing to smile and praising the Lord for the fullness of His grace.

I’ll write what I can when I can. Some things are simply not for me to write, and I’ve learned that’s okay too.

February is a new month.
I welcome it with open arms.

Faith, Faithsizing

We Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

I spent most of today on the couch enjoying the Christmas gift given to me by my oldest child – a head cold. In her defense, Emelie also gave me a beautiful abstract watercolor she painted, so…I forgave her. 🙂 And as soon as I can garner the energy it takes to change from my pajamas and drive to Hobby Lobby, I plan to frame it. It is beautiful and perfect for me.

Faith, Faithsizing

A Heart of Surrender

Hello, dear friends.

I say “friends” because I truly believe if you continue to read post after post that you are, in many respects, my friends. Perhaps even brothers and sisters in Christ.

I entrust you with bits of my heart each time I publish, and those of you who share in the comments or emails bless me in return with yours.

It is a relationship.
Built on a trust.
Founded on a promise.
I’m thankful for it.

I’m at a point where there is little reason to write if I cannot be transparent, which means I willingly put myself in a vulnerable place – a place where you can reject me or my words and wound my heart.

And I choose to do that.
Because as much as I love knowing you are here reading me, I’m not here, first and foremost, for you.

I’m here to write about my conviction to obediently and faithfully align my position and purpose before the Lord.

I cannot do that if I am unwilling to surrender.

Surrender my pride.
Surrender my desire to be liked.
Surrender my hope for success.
Surrender my fear.

Faith, Finding Your Footing

Flawed, but…

Note from Heather: In the past several weeks, my pastor has taught on love. Not the romantic love of novels and movies, but the Agape love of the Father. The love that acts. The love that, as Janelle so simply states in today’s guest post, helps. I hope you’ll take the time to read this post and reflect on the beauty that flows from flawed individuals (us) when we lean on the strength of the Lord. It is then that His glory and agape love shines through us.

Our hearts break for Paris.

Not long ago, during a brutal school shooting, I first heard an inspirational Mister Roger’s saying that goes like this: “Look for the heroes.”

As I heard the story then, Mister Roger’s mother had once told him that during times of terrible duress, do not look at the circumstances. Look at the heroes who begin to use their hands and hearts and talents to reignite something good into the seemingly impenetrable bad.