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January 2006



Ever have that NOT SO DRY feeling?

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Captain Underwear

You know those moments that are just perfect – not a perfect hour, day, or week … we are talking a MOMENT in time that is absolutely, uncompromisingly, perfect. I had one of those moments yesterday.

“Captain Underwear” had an early morning (thanks to sisters who cannot CLOSE, but must SLAM, any and all doors in the house while readying for school) and I noticed that he was nodding off – even in the midst of play. Obviously he was not going to be able to plan the moment his sleep took over and subsequently, fall face first to the ceramic tile, so I moved him and his coveted game, Connect Four, to the couch; within minutes he was slumped over the game with a red checker stuck between his face and the couch. When I went to dig out the game from beneath his sleeping body and tuck him in for an early nap, it occurred to me that work could wait an hour, so I grabbed my favorite quilt and tucked us in together.

In walks the perfect moment. Here I am with my son snuggled up in my arms, snoring softly, smelling already of big boy sweat, the gentle rise and fall of his chest attesting to his deep restful state, and to top it off, a cool breeze blowing in through the window (here winter doesn’t really come, it whispers) … truly, THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT.

And then … the warm sensation … spreading from my left thigh, down to my knee and calf. Yep, my perfect moment was perfect for the li’l guy too – so perfect he lost all control … and peed on me.

Perfect moment over.

Heather Sanders