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February 2006



Temporary Posting Delay

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Temporary Posting Delay

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, but I will say that it is nice to know I’m missed when I’m gone and thank ya kindly for the … er, interesting few emails.

I do have to share one of the suggestions I received “to help [me] be a more consistent blogger.” According to this individual, I should keep a pad (or post-its) with me for whenever I have a thought that might be good for blogging.

Well first, um … thank you(?) and next, let me assure you – my inconsistent blogging is not at all for a lack of ideas (I live in a house with 3 children – really … can you imagine how the idea-well could ever run dry?) … rather, it is for a lack of time – see, I do have a real job with real clients who REALLY want me to deliver their designs in good time. And, in case you did not know already –> I AM THE POST-IT PRINCESS. Yes, that’s me. No, I didn’t invent Post-Its … we all know that was the genius of Romy and Michelle, but I DO have them with me at all times. My wallet even has a post-it pouch. I am the daughter of an ex-office supplies salesman. What does that mean? It simply means that I *heart* office supplies and I have plenty of them to record my thoughts. But y’know, THANK YOU ANYWAY.

I have had my own home projects that have taken up my non-working hours. We are slowly integrating our current business design into a new template and it is taking HOURS to transfer over everything. I’m not complaining and all. No, not me. I’m not sick and tired of cutting and pasting and second guessing myself and trying to figure out how to create the functions I need within a blog format. Why yes, you read right – the new business is going to be ON A BLOG. Amazing, yes? Well, we’ll see – gotta get it up first.

So, to appease those who find me to be a lazy blogger click through to view some pics of our new digs and the beautiful man that fixed and re-painted my adirondack chairs for my porch. And yes, that IS an orange door. And NO, that does not make me any less of an Aggie.

Heather Sanders