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February 2006



The pain of a 3 year old

Written by , Posted in Everything Else, Kids and Parenting

The pain of a 3-year-old

When your son’s stomach hurts so bad he can’t stop moving … when you try every possible position or place; bed, rocking chair, standing, sitting, leaning, bath, shower, etc… and he is still grunting and whimpering through what seems to be waves of pain washing over him – that is complete helplessness as a parent.

The fever was bad enough, but the stomach pain – it has gone on for 2 days, but climaxed last – all last night. He would doze off for 20 minutes here and there, Jeff and I with him, and then like the tide rolling in, he’d wake screaming in pain.

We called the hospital – gave his symptoms … we don’t have insurance now, you see. So many in town have the flu coupled with stomach symptoms. It is absolutely horrible all the things that ran through my mind. I swore his appendix was rupturing. I swore he had a hernia. I prayed for healing and deliverance from the pain. After talking for a while we think that he’s probably very constipated. We’ve been giving him miniscule amounts of Pepto Bismal to relieve his stomach pain (like we did with his sister that just pulled through the same symptoms) and think it might have stopped-him-up.

In any case, he isn’t dehydrated, but perhaps in pain from both stomach pain and constipation. I feel like we’re doing everything wrong – and yet, there isn’t anything ELSE to do. For a 3 year old – this is just too much.

For 12 hours we moved through this and finally, FINALLY exhaustion won and Jeff and Kenny fell asleep – my baby rolled into a tight ball – on his twin bed next to his daddy. They slept an hour and 1/2 – the longest stretch yet.

He’s sleeping again now – will it be 20 minutes or 2 hours? Who knows. I’m getting scared, but trying not to over-react.

Heather Sanders