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January 2007



I wheely – wheely like this bed!

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I wheely, wheely like this bed

I am a sucker for industrial furniture; always have loved the clean lines. Now I realize that function plays a big part in my attraction to more contemporary style.

Jeff is constructing a bed of my vision for Kenny. It has these wheels, to roll it away from the wall easily (dogs sleep under there – must vacuum), metal clasps to hold the legs to the base, and very – very simple. The wheels lock in place too.

I’m already in love and it isn’t even put together yet.

I’ve asked him to make this rolling contraption to slide in behind the bed as a sort of header/cubicle thing. It’ll have a place on the side to place books, toys, etc… and a place on the top for his cars and riff-raff he takes to bed with him. And a simple, clip-on, garage type light to serve as a bedside lamp.

And then, we’re painting the room … and … and … that’s just a start to my visions for home improvement. I promise to post them in progress and completed!

Heather Sanders

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