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February 2007



When momma is away…

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When Momma is away

the chickens get a new place to stay.

When I go out of town Jeff always starts a new project. I can almost always expect SOMETHING to be changed when I return home. Once he painted the mailbox post to match the Adirondack Chairs on the front porch. Another time he cleaned the entire house, including the bathrooms – ridding us of the pink mold in the shower. And yet another time, he began work on our french drain. He’s a doer – and he seems to get a buzz in his bonnet (yes SAJ, I “stole” that from you) about the time I take off. Makes a woman wonder if she should leave more often, eh?

At any rate, I returned home to the construction of a new and IMPROVED chicken coop. It will be covered in chicken wire with a bit of a roof to protect them from the elements, but allow in a good portion of sun. You can’t tell, but a door is framed out on the side facing the fence, and there will be several laying boxes. The coop is built with FREE, recycled wood, so it is warped in some places, but the chickens don’t seem to mind much and it fits our budget nicely.

Original Chicken Tractor

Plus, this year we’d like to start a garden where they currently peck around – and to do that … we need them to be restrained a bit more, lest they destroy any chance we have for anything to grow freely there.

“Who me?” says this Barred Plymouth Rock:

Who Me?

Why all the work? Well, if my 10 year old is right (and Jeff hasn’t informed me of this yet, but I’m waiting), we are getting two more hens. Which is fine, because it means we’ll get 6 of these a day:

And this is why...

I’m actually pretty excited – I mean, it has been a childhood dream to live on a farm. I didn’t realize we’d do it on less than 1/4 an acre, but hey … whatever.

Emelie racked up a few bumps and bruises from helping daddy. It seems one should be at a good distance when post hole diggers are in use. Her eye is significantly less swollen now, but the scab is still there.

What happens when you work with daddy.

Heather Sanders


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