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March 2007



Train them up in the way they should go

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Train them up in the way they should go

…and they will not depart from it.


Kenny and I have a little Thursday morning routine. We drop the girls off at school and head over to our local bookstore for an hour or so. In our smallish town moms don’t seem to get their young’uns dressed and out to the bookstore at 7:45 so we’re usually alone. That works for us. He selects his books, I usually select books and/or magazines, and we camp out with chocolate milk, coffee, and our reads. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that for starting the day.

As you can see, I take my camera into bookstores – actually, it goes with me pretty much everywhere. Kenny is so used to me popping off shots that he ignores me. Every once in a while he’ll ask, “Are you almost done?” That is kid code for “Mom, I’m getting tired of this.” I respect that and squeeze in a couple more before putting it away – I figure I’ve got to get my digs in somewhere, right? I mean, I can’t be adult ALL the time, geez.

Nursing a love to read with chocolate milk.

So, we’re gonna rewind here a bit so I can share a funny story. For Christmas, the kids’ Gram and Poppy got them gift certificates to our local bookstore. It was great because all our kids love books and we are in the process of outlawing plastic toys for Christmas and birthday. At any rate, Kenny was combing the shelves having an uncharacteristically difficult time picking out the book that he wanted. An hour later his daddy told him to wrap it up and select a book. Kenny did. What book you ask? The boy walked back to us lugging (I kid you not, this book is as heavy as an Encyclopedia) Thomas Marent’s Rainforest, put out by DK. Future environmentalist or photographer? – I LOVE IT. Suprisingly, it was on sale and he could afford it. We found out later the price had been reduced because a store “visitor” had sniped the nature sounds CD out of the back, but whatever. So, home we come with a 50 lb. book of Rainforest pics.

And? He loves it. It ranks right up there with Truck Trader.

Rainforest and Truck Trader...

Heather Sanders


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