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March 2007



Real Moms…

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Real moms

I was tagged with this meme by Reason Enough. I’m not usually into memes (I think every blogger says that right before they actually participate in a meme, don’t they? It is like a code … to not admit that we are JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!), but here goes nothing.

Real Moms Use Videos As Babysitters

If you don’t admit you do it, you’re lying. Okay, so maybe you aren’t lying, but I don’t believe you; I’m cynical that way. That or I’m embarrassed/ashamed to admit yet another shortcoming after my last few parenting posts.

We don’t have cable or DISH (to lessen the burden on the paycheck and the mind) and yet, ironically enough, I can completely legitimize the use of videos to babysit my children when I need to get something done or am plum tuckered out.

Real Moms Have SONIC Cherry Coke for Breakfast
Oh yes we do.

Real Moms Have SONIC Cherry Coke for Breakfast

I’m a sucker for coffee, but when the weather turns hot and sticky, my oh my doesn’t a Sonic Cherry Coke DO THE TRICK. And? A Route 44 can last something like 8 hours! No, really! By the end of the day I’ve been on and off and the pot so much I can honestly say I’ve experienced a total cleanse – sans the refried beans and/or Citrucel®.

So now I have to tag someone else. How many? Hmmmm … I’ll tag 5 (the magic number in Sandersville). That will be Kerflop, Secret Agent Josephine, Mandajuice, Jenandtonic and Sarcastic Journalist.

And don’t get all snarky with me if you’ve been tagged. I’m just carrying on the tradition of the herd mentality.

And please – anyone else that does this – I WANT to see them. Can you link it in comments? I need to see all y’all’s version of Real Momisms.

Heather Sanders


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