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October 2007



Deerfeeders come in all shapes and sizes.

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Deerfeeders come in all shapes and sizes

This is my dad; resident deer whisperer. Cesar Millan has nothing up on my dad. I think I should buy my dad one of these shirts. I mean, isn’t that what Grandpas are supposed to do? Dress badly? He doesn’t – we still have some training. I’m sure it must be in the How to be a Great Grandparent video. I betcha the number one guideline is “Wear silly t-shirts, lavishly stick bumper stickers like ‘My grandchild is an honor student’ all over the back of your vehicles, and whenever possible, feed wild animals that appear in your backyard.”

Yours don’t do that?
Obviously you have some training to do too.
Buy the video.

I’m SURE it doesn’t say things like, “Hide behind random pieces of cookery whenever your daughter tries to take your picture.” *ahem* MOM!

“Luke”… I mean, “HEATHER, I am your Mah-ther.”

"Luke"... I mean, "HEATHER, I am your Mah-ther."

This one is better. This is my mom’s smile. She’s laughing. I can hear her in this picture. I can hear her laugh. I can also here here talking. Y’know what’s she’s saying, right?

My lovely mother.

"Heather, stop taking pictures of me."


My parents moved into their home here in August. To say I’m thrilled out of my mind is an understatement. I’ll admit NOW that I did have some concerns. What if I was the same ol’ brat as before and we couldn’t get along? What if they sent me to my room or grounded me from my husband? What if they treated me like a child and started advising me how to raise my kids? WHAT IF THEY NOTICED I AM FAT? Oh good Lord, please don’t let them notice that I’m FAT! (heh heh) What if I find out I’m really doing everything wrong and in fact, my mother WAS right all those years.

The pressure was almost too much.

Moving day came and went.

Airing out moving blankets.

And with its departure went all my concerns.

Life is so sweet. My children get to see their Izzy and Poppa Ken almost any time they want to see them. After all these years, they have grandparents at Grandparent’s Day at school. They get to go swimming at their neighborhood pool. They get to go and hang out with them at their house and I don’t ask what they ate or how late they stayed-up, because it doesn’t matter.

My parents finally get to be in my kids’ everyday lives and it makes my heart sing.

Recently when I was picking the kids up from school Meredith said, “Can we go to Izzy and Poppa Ken’s today?” I told her that no, we couldn’t because I hadn’t talked with them about a visit today, to which she responded, “We don’t have to ask. Izzy and Poppa Ken LOVE for us to come over after school.”

And y’know, they do; they really do.

Heather Sanders


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