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October 2007



3:30 is the new nap hour

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prek is hard work

Pre-K is really tough, exhausting work.
All that coloring, singing, recessing, playdough making, activity center working, ring-around-the-roseying, it is completely MIND CONSUMING and BACK BREAKING.

And so, with much regularity Kenny comes home, has his snack (he’s nothing if not “a li’l man with a schedule”) and crashes. It could be in his room all wrapped up in his comforter and hidden under pillows so that everyone in the family is out looking for him, screaming up and down the street, with his daddy driving around in the car, and mother searching the pond, everyone terrified that he’s been kidnapped and stolen away forever until the oldest child notices the pillow rising and falling and screams, “I FOUND HIM!” *phew* Sorry ’bout that…got carried away


it could be nestled into his favorite place on the couch with the entire world going on around him.

I wish I could still sleep like that.
Oh wait – I might could IF he was sleeping at night.
Whatever is in the air must have teensy barbed hairs lacing its body, because as it gets whisked up his nose and swallowed down his throat it really turns on the itch. Kenny coughs the night away while I pray against another hospital visit, all the while rubbing Vick’s on every surface I can, rapping his chest like a drum, helping him suck in some good ol’ albuterol, and hoisting him up to a half sitting position over and over and over.

One day I will sleep through the night again.
Until that day I think I’ll consider taking 3:30 naps with him.

Heather Sanders


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