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January 2008



Ford Taurus X 2008 Review – The REST of the Story.

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Ford Taurus Review

So, due to unanticipated illness and Mr. OMSH’s need to actually REST over the holidays, we didn’t drive to Dallas like I mentioned. We did drive to Tyler, TX to see family and then drove this car all the live long day, every day, everywhere we went – even for our indoctrination sessions at the mall an hour away. And that, folks, is a lot of mileage over the Christmas break.

And so, I’m ready to share the second half of my review of the Ford Taurus X 2008 Crossover.

SURPRISE…we’re going to do this a bit differently.

I’ve asked Mr. OMSH to participate in this review, fine car connoisseur that he is, and give HIS SIDE of the experience; he calls it his “manly man’s” perspective.

  • Psssssst: In case any women out there are like me, I’ll try and provide a brief run-down following his descriptions to keep you on track and save you from death by male straightforwardness boredom.

First the good:

  • A sneaky pyschological sales trick if I ever saw one.

Ford seems to have continued its theme of bold and aggressive chrome grills on the Taurus X. The Taurus X’s styling seems to be between a station wagon and a mini-van; an excellent combination of advantages from both classes.

  • Need to apply your chapstick, lipstick, balm or gloss? Check your teeth for lunch leftovers? Fix your hair before heading into the office? Check out the Ford Taurus Grill – like a mirror, baby. And the Crossover Style? June Cleaver meets Ms. Jetson

Our test vehicle had 18” chrome wheels that handled the road well.

  • Which proved helpful when trying not to hit my parents while caravan-ing! “Hi IZZY and POPPA KEN!”

Caravan - HI POPPA KEN & IZZY!

From curvy farm-to-market roads to the interstate to neighborhood streets, we never noticed any issues in steering or handling.

  • Not even when his hands were off the wheel…but of course, this isn’t the appropriate venue for that talk, now is it?

Mr. OMSH was happy with the amount of headroom.

The Taurus X is placed at an excellent height: not as tall as a mini-van, not as short as a car. As we sat in traffic, we were able to see through the windows of the cars ahead of us.

  • Which is a very cheap way of entertaining one’s children. KIDS!!! LOOK AT THE CAR AHEAD OF US! They are playing UNDERDOG!

Ready for travel...blankie in tow.

Driving nearly the speed limit on the interstate with strong cross winds, we barely noticed the turbulence (I could tell the wind was strong by watching the SUVs swerve left, then right!).

  • I’m sorry, did he say he was driving NEARLY the speed limit. M’kay. He’ll rot for that one.

The engine was impressive, but the transmission was a dream. More often than not, the only way we could tell if gears were changed is by watching the tachometer—it was truly that smooth.

  • Watching the what? I swear, I did not do anything tacky to the meter. Not now. Not in 6th grade. NOT EVER! Oh wait, never mind…yes, smooth ride; rocked my baby to sleep.

A truly smooth ride.

In our area of Texas, believe it or not, there are hills. Rarely did the Taurus X need to downshift to clear a hill. We cruised at 2000 rpm at 70 mph (loaded down with all 5 of us, plus Christmas gifts) on the interstate.

  • I want you to know that this is the honest truth – those gift cards do get heavy.

The engine seemed as if it were begging you to ‘put the pedal to the metal.’

  • This would be called evidence of pre-meditation to speed Mr. OMSH.

It never felt bogged down or like it was suffocating.

  • Of course not, you already told us you were driving “nearly” the speed limit. Uh huh, what have you got to say for yourself NOW?!

The Taurus X has bold and blocky design in all the right places; smooth and refined features everywhere else.

  • Much like me, right Mr. OMSH?

The first aspect of the interior you notice is the seat height—getting in is effortless. Perhaps it’s my height (5’11”), but I slipped easily into both front seats.

  • I tried to keep him from slipping into my seat while he was driving, but he sorta likes my bold and blocky design and all.

Legroom a'plenty.

The amount of headroom is incredible, especially since our test model had a sun roof and rear climate control absorbing some space. I believe this aspect contributed to the overall spacious sense in the front cabin.

  • Wait? There was a sun roof?

Mr. OMSH toys with all the bells and whistles.

The dash and controls were, for the most part, placed in logical, comfortable locations.

  • I appreciated the placement of the steering wheel. They are smart over there at Ford.

From curvy farm-to-market roads to Interstate...

One of the greatest features of the Taurus X is the third row seat. The model we test drove had a 50/50 split bench. This allowed us to lay down one seat, leaving the other in the upright position.

  • Perfect for our 100 lb. Great Pyrenees. Not that he rode in the car or anything. I mean, we would NEVER put all our pets in to see if they’d comfortably fit.

The manner in which these seats layed flat was easy and space-saving: a 2-step process that permits the seat to lay entirely flat. Once again, headroom was bountiful.

  • I think Mr. OMSH pulled out a thesaurus…never have I heard him use the word “bountiful”.

Next, the bad:

  • Hey, Ford asked for an honest review. Eeek…be nice, Mr. OMSH

A crossover? Really? I didn’t know if I should feel like a homosexual or a metrosexual. I knew for starters that the car felt like a ‘mom car.’ I guess there’s just too much testosterone flowing through these veins.

  • I’m sorry…are you saying that if you put a homosexual, a metrosexual and a mom at the same FORD dealership we’d all end up with a Taurus X?

Fuel economy is less than desirable.

  • Except for that first tank b/c it was…on FORD.

In town, we got about 19 mpg. On the interstate, we averaged 24 mpg. These figures are comparable to our Chevy Suburban.

  • Still, I bet I could get a small calf in the back of the Taurus, along with the three kiddos, so…

A place for everyone...

The stereo/climate controls are a little too low—requiring the driver to take his/her eyes off the road too long. And trust me, when it comes to driving, danger is not my middle name.

  • No, his middle name is Scott – which means “Of Scottish Origin” – which has nothing to do with his driving, but is really informative, no?

Cargo space seemed adequate for this class of vehicle. The rear storage area has a deep recess in it that seems to help prevent groceries from tipping over or other items from rolling around.

  • I wouldn’t know this…since I don’t…shop for groceries. At this time I’d like to thank Mr. OMSH for being the official grocery shopper. I am, however, the official trip-packer. Not that our trip required much packing this time around.

Deep recess for cargo in back...

Excellent car, excellent design for the class of vehicle the Taurus X is placed. The Limited has all the “bells and whistles” you can expect from modern vehicles: from DVD player to navigation to reverse sensors to heated seats to power liftgate.

  • The power liftgate can entertain children for 43 minutes and 21 seconds; not that I was counting. A very cool feature when you’ve locked the kids out of the house trying to get work done and the kids are bored.

I felt spoiled with all the accessories. In general, it was a pleasure to drive.

  • Yes, yes it was – except for the passenger mirror on the back of the sun visor; that was “meh”, but I got a good shot off it anyway.

Okay, passenger mirror on the cheap side.

But seriously? Can I have it back?
What about that Navigator?
I really think I need a car for a month for a more thorough review; any takers?

Heather Sanders


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