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January 2008



Trading one hog for another.

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Trading one hog for another

Mr. OMSH is hunting wild hogs this weekend. Yes, hunt…not trap, lure, or play hide-n-seek with…he’s hunting them. Why? The feral hogs at this particular area he’s going to are increasing in population too fast and are destructive and dangerous.

Before PETA releases a throng of fake blood tossers to my front door, know that the Texas Animal Damage Control Service recently began recording the number of problems caused by increased numbers of feral hogs in Texas – and there are many. Oh, and if it helps know that I don’t plan on making coats from their pelts; just in case you were wondering.

In Texas these hogs prey on lambs, kids, fawns, and ground nesting birds. You can see how this becomes more than a little problem at an encampment and retreat for families. The hogs’ trampling and rooting also causes a good deal of damage to field crops and vegetation.

I’ll admit to being a bit nervous for him. I’m hoping they’ll do more time in stands than on foot.

At any rate he’s climbing off one hog to traipse after much smaller ones – hopefully void of tusks and less than 200 lbs. After all, deer season is over and shooting stray cats isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. I’m JOKING! Not that he wouldn’t mind if I stopped feeding every cat that shows up on our doorstep.

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