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January 2008



Where I admit I’m human

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Wherein I admit I am human

Today is Sunday; my Sabbath day.
I’m keepin’ it holy.

No work. Just rest.

Meredith and Kenny’s fever spiked throughout this weekend off and on. Last night there was coughing and hacking and fever and febrile seizures and vomiting mucus, and…

I believe I settled in for a 30 minute nap here and there, but rest finally came around 5:30 this morning.

A very human, very weak, and very tired me made a very big mistake.
It involved a late night phone call to Mr. OMSH.

Poor Mr. Steady and his rollercoaster wife.
Just say NO to phone calls when beyond exhaustion.

Maybe when I’m less embarrassed (like tomorrow) I can talk about it.

P.S. For all those being so kind as to how good I look when I’m tired. This photo? I stole it from the coffers – it was taken another time. A time when I was well rested (or as well rested as Moms get). I look more like this now, but – y’know, worse.


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