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February 2008



Growth Tools

Written by , Posted in Everything Else, Kids and Parenting

Tools to your trade

I grew up the daughter of an office supplies salesman. I think it is quite possibly the best position, as far as being a daughter is concerned. My Daddy would bring home boxes upon boxes of map pencils, post-its, binders, markers, highlighters, scissors, staplers, paperclips, pens and anything else you can imagine filling a desk drawer.

My kids are growing up with a pyschologist for a Daddy, and he doesn’t bring home his work, nor are his freebies necessarily useful for kids. However, their momma has a car and there is an Office Depot in town, so we’re good to go.

When you are 5, 7 and 11 there are only a few tools to your trade…

I believe it is more than a little bit important to keep mine stocked. I imagine the CEO of Crayola himself will greet me one day and thank me personally for providing the income for 1.2 families.

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Heather Sanders