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April 2008



How I came to be interviewed by a Yankee.

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It all started here

Nearly a year ago I shared my “secret dreams of brushing long, bangless tresses and french braiding my salt and pepper hair” and asked you to tell me what I should do. I warned you against suggesting bangs because of my enormous front cowlics that render Eddy Munster-like bangs. I asked how long it’d take to grow out. YOU encouraged me to grow it – and so I began the journey.

As you can see above, it was pretty short when I started.

And then, two weeks later I would have crab crawled all the way to my hair gal, Bonnie, to cut back the monstrosity, but you guys said, “No, you can do it…keep it up.”

And so, I did.

Surf these waves baby.

Sometimes it wasn’t as bad as others, but for the most part, it was terrible.

Later, my hair took fungus form and mushroomed atop my head.

My head is a mushroom.

It happened overnight, really. I could have starred in Steel Magnolias with my helmet head. But STILL you would not give in to my begging and my not-so-subtle suggestions – you voted for me to continue on. I got the feeling that perhaps the joke was on me at this point, but I said I’d stick to the vote – and so I did.

A few of you voted “Seriously – quit whining. No one cares. Cut it.” You know, just because I GAVE that option didn’t mean you had to TAKE the option. Geez.

August 30, 2007

In fact, even when I was trying to lose weight (don’t ask – we’re talking about hair), you wouldn’t free me from my plight. I posted a demon possessed headband shot, but you held your ground. “GROW IT!” you said.

The better to eat you with.

I think I was growing teeth at the same time. This shot was a bit too reminiscent of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

“What big TEETH you have grandma!”
“The better to EAT you with…”

And after that, I figured I was well on my way and didn’t ask again until Whoorl had me on her site in October.

Post Shower

I gave a straight out of the shower shot – NOT a styled shot. This shot was supposed to show the wave in my hair, the color of my hair and beg for a style.

And maybe that was the problem, but can you BELIEVE the Hair Thursday bloggers voted to cut it? WELL!! I had one thing to say about that…


After 5 months of looking like anything from a granny to a character on Fraggle Rock, I was NOT gonna cut it. Nope, not gonna. At this point I decided to go AGAINST the majority and continue on…alone.


I nearly fell into despair, but then I remembered this was JUST HAIR after all.

So, now it is April 2008 and I have a hair update. No, really…don’t get so excited. Please, everyone sit down – really, it isn’t THAT exciting.

Here we go – the front:

Hair Chronicles Update - Front Again

The back – well, kind of the back:

Hair Chronicles Update - Stacked

Notice I had it stacked just a bit while I am STILL WAITING for my bangs to reach my chin. I would have significantly more length, but I really wanted to even it all up before I let it pass my chin.

THIS is the first photo that really makes me embrace my grey. I absolutely love the way my grey looks in this shot.

Hair Chronicles Update - Side View

As you can see, I’m greying from the front to the back. When it began I had a skunk streak along my part, but as it has grown it has spread out a bit and just left the back dark.

Why am I writing about all this now?

Well, yesterday I was interviewed by the New York Times. Apparently they are doing a write-up in the Style section on the 17th of this month about how blogs can be used to make decisions on style. I believe I was found through Whoorl’s Hair Thursday. I believe I was very nervous. I believe I might have said some really stupid things in response to the nice Yankee’s lady’s questions.


Oh wait, I didn’t mean to sing that – SEE HOW TELEVISION CAN AFFECT YOU. Dadburnit.

All I know is I had NO IDEA I would ever be in the NYT, but even if I had ever an inkling, I don’t imagine I would’ve considered it be about my hair. MY HAIR for crying out loud.

I can only imagine the conversations.

Me: “Hi, my name is Heather – did you know I’m going to be in the New York Times?”

Perfect Stranger: “Oh really?”

Me: “Yes, thought you might like to know that.”

Perfect Stranger: “Did you write something for it?”

Me: “Um…no.”

Perfect Stranger: “Did you do something important – like save a child, discover a cure for foot fungus, or rescue a Grandma from buying orange make-up?”

Me: “Um…not exactly.”

Perfect Stranger: “Well tell me, what did you DO?”

Me: “I…uh…well, I…you see, I grew…”

Perfect Stranger: “You GREW an award winning vegetable for a county fair?”


Perfect Stranger: “Oh.”

Me: “Yea, that’s it.”

SEE? Seriously, I don’t know whether to call everyone I know or to hide and pray I don’t get a lot of hate mail about how I’m so vain.

ANYWAY, they asked for before photos and asked whether I would mind sending some after shots (or they would send someone out to take them – um…no, thankyouverymuch.)

So, I took a shower and styled my hair today – you’d be so proud, I don’t always shower. And well, you saw the results. Look, I’m clean! Look, I’m smiling. Look, I did it!

Yea, me.

Heather Sanders


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