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May 2008



Chalk Talk

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chalk talk

I picked the kids up from school today and the first thing they wanted to know was “IS THIS THE DAY WE CAN WRITE ON THE WALL?”

And unlike most mothers I know or have known, I was able to say, in no uncertain terms, “Absolutely. Today you get to write on the wall.” Just how cool is that?

Very cool, that’s how.

So, we set out to find chalk, which if you haven’t attempted this task you might not know is next to impossible. I understand that the classrooms are switching over to dry erase, but what in the stinkin’ heck? Is there something about chalk I should know about? Is it only sold in specialty stores? We hit a few spots and nearly gave up before we stopped at a local graphics place that has a single aisle of teacher’s supplies. I believe we purchased the last box of plain white chalk and the last eraser.

We were sorely disappointed, having thought of all the wonderful things we could COLOR on our walls, but it wasn’t to be – at least not today.

We made do with white.

Breaking in the new Chalkboard Wall.

There is enough space for my three to draw on – and then, there’s more. That’s the greatest part about having a chalkboard WALL as opposed to just a chalkboard.

I will admit that the kids did designate their “area” and were pretty rigid about that “area” not being violated. I’m sure if duct tape were at their fingertips we might have even had a few stripes down the wall.

Being an only child I have absolutely no understanding of this need to mark off one’s territory.

That is a baby in a pouch.

Of course, seeing as how I painted the wall, I pulled seniority and was able to write FIRST. What was the first thing written on the wall?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

*nanny nanny boo boo*

Quickly it was erased for things like Meredith’s drawing above (mom with baby in pouch – NOT a kangaroo), Emelie’s squigglies and Kenny’s rocket and other geometric, symmetric drawings.


After a while they began playing school and Kenny became the student while both Emelie and Meredith were partner teachers drilling him in Math facts.

Should you ever make your way to the house, Emelie mapped out some pretty solid directions…y’know, because it is pretty rough navigating 1230 sq. feet.

In case you can't find your way around the house.

They were pretty reluctant to go to bed until I reminded them the wall wasn’t going anywhere…we didn’t rent it or anything; it is a totally permanent component to the kitchen now. Best of all? NO LATE FEES.

Sorry, I’m still a bit miffed about some late fees to the library. Pfeh!

After the kids went to bed Jeff and I stretched ourselves artistically by drawing various over-exaggerated body parts; yeah, okay so we regressed a few years, but man did we laugh. And then? We erased it to protect our children’s innocence.

I’m only admitting that to you now to prove that as much as my kids love this chalkboard, I can honestly say the two adults in the family are just as giddy about it. That and we need to, at some point, grow up.

And one day we will, but we hope it’s after our kids leave us so we can enjoy all the things they do along the way.

Heather Sanders


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