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June 2008



If you like to talk to tomatoes…

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tomato ornaments

There are a new brand of tomatoes in town. They are called “Ornamentals” – pretty to look at, but none too tasty. At least that’s what I’m hoping the birds will think.

In my quest to become the best suburban gardener of upside down tomatoes *smerk*, I have subscribed to a couple of tomato reads. And let me tell you, there is no shortage of people sharing their wealth of knowledge about tomatoes. I’m almost concerned that tomatoes are darn near worshipped across the nation and beyond; except in Texas – where we are being poisoned by them…but we’ll not go there right now.

One of my reads, The Modern Cottage, has nothing to do with tomatoes at all, BUT they did post an interesting tip that had me looking for red Christmas balls in June. And because I’m both spoiled and completely rotten, Shannon was gracious enough to SHIP me a few from her stash. HOW COOL IS THAT? She also shipped me some more BOLD Starbucks coffee. I’m telling ya, boxes never smell more heavenly than when they are packed with coffee; I got a caffeine rush just opening it.

Of course I had to go and immediately hang the cheerful balls on my “not-yet-big-enough” tomato plants. To secure them, I cut strips of velcro tape that Jeff uses to work with training vines, etc…

I’m rather amused by them myself. I think perhaps the chickens and Meredith’s kitten are too (see the kitten tail)

I'm rather amused by them.

Of course I couldn’t help but notice that in taking photos of the Christmas balls, I also captured myself a few times.

I call this one, “Self Portrait in Red”

Self Portrait in Red

I was gonna call it “Aren’t you glad they aren’t blue balls” in honor of Mr. OMSH, but thought that might be tacky.

Yeah, okay, so I KNOW it’d be tacky.

UPDATE ON JOJO: He’s doing really well. Bruno has been licking his wound for him about 3x a day – they’ve been buddies since JoJo was a wee little kitten. JoJo’s face isn’t swollen anymore either, but it is still very sensitive, of course. He’s in good spirits, but a tad bit lethargic. Oh, and he loves when I give him his antibiotic – which I think is funny. He laps that stuff up. I think it reminds him of when we used to have to feed him all his meals through a dropper and then, a bottle.

JoJo at 20 days old.

Heather Sanders


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