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June 2008



“Momma, why are pools blue?”

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Momma, why are pools blue

There is one thing to be said for “hoity-toity” (Sound it out people – I’ve no idea if that is an “actual” word or not, but spell check says no) neighborhoods, and that is FREE POOL USAGE! Okay, so it isn’t free for my non-golfing parents who actually live in this golfing community, BUT it is free for us! Weee!

We’ve already used the pool pass four times this summer and um…summer started last week.

Last year Kenny started letting go of his reticence to be IN the water. Before that he’d walk around and around the pool squirting his sisters with water guns or sitting on the edge and dangling his feet. As much as he is a “boy-boy” in so many other ways, he is NOT AT ALL daring. That would be my Meredith – she’s my daring one.

Though I don’t leave my kids alone when swimming, it is nice to have Emelie with me to help watch after Kenny. She’s recently been exalted to the big sister role by Kenny.

Kenny was a wee little man and a wee little man was he...

I’m not sure at what point it happened, but he now seems to recognize that he depends on her for a lot and though they still fight, he’s more likely to listen to Emelie’s direction than to Meredith. Okay fine, he never listens to Meredith’s direction – instead we hear, “You’re NOT da boss!” She doesn’t like that much, but the two are just too close in age for her to pull it off.

Emelie, on the other hand, has 6 1/2 years up on Kenny…which translates into a certain level of respect.

Holding on tight.

Yeah, she knows she’s “da bomb.”

Oh yeah, uh-huh, Oh yeah, uh-huh

The first time we went to the pool I took a book with me. I figured with the kids in the pool, I’d have a nice time of catch-up reading, get a bit of sun on my lily white legs, and just RELAX.

Not exactly.

Now I know I’m to get IN the pool and swim, splash, spray, piggy-back, and most especially WATCH with them the whole time.

“Momma! Watch! Are you Watching?”

Watch me momma!

And if, for any reason, it doesn’t seem I’m paying close enough attention, there is the “C’mere! Come Watch! MOOOOMMMMMAAA! Watch me!!!”

C'mere ... watch!

So, I waddle on over to watch the jumpage. Jumpage and splashage is important ya know.

All my kids are noseholders.

Do you see that nose holding? It’s like a virus – spread to all my kids.


What’d I tell ya? NOSE HOLDERS – all of them.

See there, the nose is IN HAND.

“Didja see me? Didja? Huh? Huh?”

Didja see me???  Huh? Did ya?

There are two pools in this neighborhood. This pool has two levels with a sort of “waterfall” effect that rolls over into the next level. Meredith’s in the top pool. Note how her goggles match the pool? We’re hip like that.

Above the mini falls.

I like the top pool – the whole thing is only 3′ deep. I don’t worry about the cinching toward the deep end effect that happens in the bottom pool. They can play here without the freaked out momma yell, “HEY! Get back over here!”

Kenny turns away from a splash.

Kenny was thinking it might be fun to jump to the bottom pool – though I think the lifeguards would frown on that.

A little further down than he thought.

The lifeguards would also probably suggest not doing handstands unless you’re actually gonna use your hands; it is slightly painful. Also, it is called a HEADstand, not a handstand.

Here's a tip...when doing handstands underwater...

Note how sympathetic Meredith is; I’m raising such kind children.

Another great feature of a waterfall is to clean one’s armpits…armpits are always so nasty when swimming.

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath…


Um…they probably don’t warrant this much work, but hey, give the girl a prize – cleanliness is right there next to godliness I’m told.

Get'em clean girl

ALRIGHT ALREADY…they’re CLEAN for crying out loud.


Oh, um…come back, you missed a spot. *shhhhh* when she turns around we’ll splash her.

Regrouping from a "Splash Off!"

P.S. My son can walk on water – what can yours do?

My son can walk across water...

Heather Sanders


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