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August 2008



Human Papillomavirus – no current prevention.

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After a full investigation, we have come to discover that Meredith has about 15 outbreaks of Human Papillomavirus on her skin. There used to be much less, but due to her incessant scratching, they have spread and are popping up in the bends of her knee, her feet, on her side, and various other places – though primarily on her legs. And from the reading I’ve done this evening, there is absolutely no method for prevention, short of being a good hand washer.

“What is human papillomavirus?” you ask.

Well, they are commonly known as warts.

Yep, warts.

I had no idea that warts were a virus. Not that I spend evenings contemplating things of this matter, but a simple Google search made for quick education. I remember having one on my hand as a child, but a little Compound W took care of it in no time. Meredith, however, has a LOT of these stinkers, and we figured before she scratched herself into one big wart, we had better treat them.

While we were at the beach the kids saw a commercial for some Dr. Scholl product that freezes off warts with one application; Jeff had heard a similar ad on the radio too. So, before dinner this evening we went to Walgreens and purchased the Compound W Freeze-Off to try out on Meredith’s growing wart farm.

Okay, so it isn’t a ‘farm’, but it most certainly is a crop.

Doesn’t she look thrilled out of her mind?

Note the blankie - she's a bit nervous.

Actually, she was nervous. When I first applied the regular Compound W last week, I accidentally put too much on the brush and it dripped on the skin around the wart – burning it. And well, I realize that makes me a bad mommy, but it was not intentional and I paid for it IN FULL because the girl screamed for a 1/2 hour no matter what I did.

And then, I promised her I would never touch her with the stuff again – and if you’ll note in the photos, I have not gone back on that promise.

Never again will I burn a child with Compound W – that stuff is LETHAL I tell ya.

With blankie at hand, Meredith allowed Jeff to inspect the warts and select the 3 he would treat tonight.

Getting ready to treat a few warts.

Jeff read the directions carefully, both in English and Spanish – for good measure, and then did the whole pump action thing, pulling out the applicator and pressing it against the wart for 10 seconds while we listened to the “Tssszzzzzzz”. The package said, “Place on wart up to 20 seconds.”, but Meredith barely made it 10 seconds before swatting at Jeff and screaming, so we didn’t push it.

At first it must have been a cool feeling, but it quickly turned to a cold burn.

Altogether Mer was a real trooper – she wants to get rid of these little ‘cauliflower mounds’ before she spreads them further. After the pain died-down to a manageable level, Band Aids were applied to keep her hands of them.

The package says they should dry up and fall off in 10 to 14 days.

We shall see.
I sure hope so.

Heather Sanders


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