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August 2008



i love you, royally.

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Emelie made some sugar cookies to practice with Royal Icing today. We picked up a few new cookie cutters and she had fun with some letters and numbers.

It was a hectic day of running errands and getting things taken care of in preparation for the funeral. I was short on patience and tall on tears. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something all day and it left me uneasy. Gathering up appropriate attire for everyone was a task; making sure all the kids’ dress shoes actually fit and getting new ones when they didn’t, finding a skirt and shoes for me, getting Jeff’s suit to the dry cleaner and guessing the neck size for a dress shirt – and getting it to the dry cleaners too, getting the dogs set up at the kennel, you know…stuff.

At the end of the day I lost my keys in our local bookstore. We searched high and low. We crawled, moved books, back-tracked. I was nearly to the point of sitting down and crying in the middle of the aisle when one of the employees found it atop a rack of books I hadn’t checked yet, of course.

There is still laundry to be done, a few things to be pressed, and an early wake-up. I really just want my us to already “BE” with my parents, Don and Betty, and the rest of the family at my Grandpa’s house. I need to be in the midst of all those that know and love Grandpa like I do. And yet, we haven’t even hit the road yet.

And my Emelie knew that.
So, while I folded clothes and barked orders she made me three cookies.
Three very important cookies.
And she touched my heart.

Oh how she touched my heart.


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