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December 2008



We ain’t rockin’ around the Christmas tree tonight.

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You’ve got to be kidding me!

If I was superstitious, I’d say I was jinxed.


Either that or I’ve got some bad appliance mojo going on.

Surely you remember my washing machine issues? I didn’t mention that the dryer requires nearly two full 60 minute cycles to dry anything, my oven preheats to about 30 degrees below whatever setting I set it, AND TONIGHT my Christmas tree joined the revolt.

We’ve had this tree for about 6 years, I think. Jeff and I debated tonight just how long we’ve had it as we CUT the lights OFF nearly 3/4 of the tree’s limbs.

The lights would not come on; and before you list all the things we should have tried before we literally CUT THE LIGHTS OFF, we know…we tried it.

Yes, we did.
Yep, we tried that too.
Really, stop…we tried it ALL.

I even did a Christmas tree ‘rain’ dance, wherein I dipped myself in Pine-Sol and sang ‘OH CHRISTMAS TREE’…in German.

So, tomorrow (not tonight – oh no, not tonight) I dig for lights to wrap the lower half of this Christmas tree that we purchased SOLELY BECAUSE IT WAS PRE-WRAPPED WITH LIGHTS.

I’m just thankful we’re done removing the old light strands.
Two hours people – it took TWO HOURS.
My hands are sore.
Jeff even started sneezing – as if the boy was allergic to the plastic tree all of a sudden.

As you can see, Bruno kept us good company.

I’m so tired of the tree and it just went up.
I can’t go off and buy another one – not with Christmas gifts left to purchase and the washing machine/dryer set I’ve got my eyes on at Home Depot.


Happy December y’all.
Bah humbug.

Heather Sanders


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