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November 2009



Gamers of all ages will appreciate this…

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Living down the street from Mom and Dad means seeing them in those fabulously familiar ways, like when Dad (Poppa Ken) is on his way to Home Depot and stops in to say “Hi!”

Teaching PK the controller.

It also means my kids get to share parts of their lives grandparents wouldn’t typically be exposed to – like playing Blazing Angels 2 – Secret Missions of WWII on the Xbox 360.

Gamers come in all ages.

Honestly, I don’t know what is more funny. Watching a 6 year old, who has never seen a war, much less flown any aircraft, teach his Poppa Ken how to fly…

We call him "navigator"...

…or my Dad (Poppa Ken), who is quite familiar with what war is all about, AND HAS PILOTED many a plane, engage in an electronic bombing mission at the hands of his grandson.

This is the stuff of memories.


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