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December 2009



Day 1 – Six Days to Christmas

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Do you have all your gifts wrapped? All your bows tied? A thief-enticing gathering of presents at the base of your Christmas tree? Well BAH-HUMBUG…because I don’t; in fact, I’m convinced anyone who does has no life or an unhealthy relationship with scotch tape. In which case? I forgive your transgression of preparedness…can we can be friends? Good. Come over and let me feed your addiction. Please?

In case you are curious, the only reason I have a single gift wrapped (and that is exactly what I have wrapped…ONE GIFT) is because Bethany invited me to participate in 7 Days and I needed a photo for Day 1.

Which brings me to my morning ephiphany…I’m awesome with externally imposed deadlines and accountability, but the self-imposed stuff? Not so great. Maybe next year I need to start a “Wrap It Up” Flickr group where all participants have to take a daily photo of a gift they wrapped for Christmas. And let’s say I start this group to begin the first week of September! That would encourage all my gifts to be purchased, and even wrapped, BEFORE THANKSGIVING. While some might think it heretical to not have a midnight wrapping spree on Christmas Eve, I’m convinced it would make the season more “jolly” and less doused with Scrooge-like grumbling and caffeine jitters.


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