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May 2010



On the Floor

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As Meredith and I finished up one of her Read Alouds today I couldn’t help being distracted by Kenny. Appearing every few minutes with a new armload of seemingly random items, he amassed quite an eclectic pile on the ottoman next to the couch where we sat.

I looked at Meredith a few times as if to say, “Have you any idea what your little brother is doing?” She returned my gaze without any of my confusion.

“Well good,” I thought, “at least SHE knows what is going on around here.”

As soon as I closed our book Meredith hopped off the couch and joined her brother at his task.

Working together the two of them created some semblance of order (at least from their perspective) to the jumbled mass of toys populating the living room.

Plastic dinosaurs (both plant and meat-ing, should you be curious), matchbox cars, army trucks, tanks, missiles and soldiers, Littlest Pet Shop figures, a mermaid Barbie, a dairy farm set, a remote controlled jeep, and a number of other items were brought to task in the middle of the living room.

I grabbed my camera to capture it all and realized, once I was down on their level, there truly was a story unfolding.

Saltopus tastes like chicken.

Who knew Saltopus tasted like chicken? That might be helpful were I ever to find a time machine and return to the Land of the Lost.

And? Dinosaurs are apparently way more advanced than we ever knew; in fact this long neck knew a bit of text lingo. Insane, right?

Oh, in case you ever want to save yourself the embarrassment? The TV show “Land of the Lost” is NOT as cool as you remember it. Trust me on this – it’s not, not at all.

Jeff and I rented it for the kids through Netflix and we have not lived it down since.

beep beep

Hey guy with the metal detector?
You have bigger problems on your hands than land mines!
TWO BIGGER PROBLEMS to be specific.

Man, I'm Too Old for This.

Can’t we all just get along?

DIE Dino!

You should know JP and his adopted father finally did work things out, but only after dismembering the poor, overly confident soldier.

Stiff soldiers

Of course, things would have been better for the “overly confident soldier” if any of his fellow soldiers had the ability to come to his assistance.


And these soldiers…well, what can I say?

Moving on from “overly confident” soldiers to egotistical cowboys.


Eh…Maybe not so much.

My other ride is a Harley.

Can I hear an AMEN for the cowgirl?!

Is it just me or does that bull have ringworm?
Do bulls even get ringworm?

How about carpet-fed cows?

Carpet Fed Cows

Half Littlest Pet Shop, one-fourth “Twister” (the movie), and one fourth Daryl Hannah.

It’s like a nightmare, but worse.

Barbie's Sweet Ride

At least Barbie has a sweet ride.

Totally pimped your ride.

Not unlike these glow-in-the-dark lizards.
Now THAT’d be a trip to see cruising down the road.

Like I said before, there’s a story to be told once you get down on the floor in Sandersville.

Heather Sanders


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