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May 2010



Onward Oklahoma!

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Thursday was the last day of our 2009-2010 homeschool year in OMSHville. Can I hear an AMEN?! Friday we washed clothes, cleaned house and squared away last minute details. This morning, Jeff’s plan was to leave out at 5:45, but we didn’t pull out of the driveway until 6:20 after a few mishaps.

Mishap #1: I blended a smoothie for breakfast and as I scurried around the kitchen gathering snacks for the cooler, Emelie stepped forward to help me. She twisted the blender’s glass jar to remove it off the Kitchen-aid base, spilling the smoothie all over the counter. In her defense, that is EXACTLY how the top of our old blender released from its base, but the Kitchen-aid simply lifts off. When she twisted it, the seal was broken from the base of the glass jar and the mess ensued.

After we cleaned that up…

Mishap #2: Reaching to put away the soy protein container in the pantry, I knocked-off a FULL glass jar of sunflower seeds from the top shelf. Naturally it hit the tile and shattered everywhere.

Jeff saw me begin to lose my cool and stepped-in to clean my mess. I was able to walk out of the kitchen and blow of some steam, walk in circles, unwind and recollect myself before returning to finish packing the cooler.

About that time our amazing kids kicked-it-in and began packing the Suburban. I gotta hand it to them – they did a fantastic job. By the time Jeff finished cleaning up the last of the glass, and I had the rest of the cooler packed, the kids were done loading the Suburban.

My family rocks.
It was time to go…finally.

Jeff and I have always considered ourselves blessed to have kids who travel so well. We typically start the ride with conversation, but after a while, each of the kids launch into doing their own thing.

Emelie sketches while listening to her tunes.
Mobile photo

Emelie sketched to the sound of her tunes,

Kenny entertains himself with his DS.
Mobile photo

Kenny played his DS,

Meredith succumbs to sleep.
Mobile photo

and Meredith gave in to sleep.

By noon we were in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is the halfway point where we meet-up with Jeff’s Mom and Step-dad to pass on the kids for their summer vacation. This is a time the kids look forward to each summer – Meredith has literally counted down the days, every day, for the past month.

Typically Jeff drives the kids up alone and I stay home and get work done. He’ll usually drive up and eat with them, and then, once he gets the kids loaded up with Gram and Poppy, he turns around and heads back home.

This time I came along, and after Gram, Poppy, and the kids drove out of the restaurant parking lot headed for Missouri, Jeff and I stuck around in town. My Dad offered us a two-night stay in the King Tower Suite at the Cambria Suites. I’ll post photos of the room later on (maybe tomorrow).

It is very, VERY NICE!

At my Dad’s suggestion, Jeff and I headed over to Bricktown to check out the attractions and have dinner. Bricktown is a restored warehouse neighborhood, now outfitted as an entertainment district. It reminds me of the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX, just on a much smaller scale.

What to order?
Mobile photo

We decided to eat on the porch at Jazmoz, right next to the waterway . The great food, live music and cool breeze was the best way to wind down the day.

Eating on the porch at Jazmoz
Mobile photo

It is a treat just “being” with Jeff and Jeff alone.

Jeff laughing at Jazmoz
Mobile photo

We talked and laughed for about 2 1/2 hours before we finally decided to give the waiter his table back. We strolled about the Bricktown district a bit more before heading back to the car, and now, back at the hotel, we’re settled in for the night.

The long day has worn-out my sweet love – he fell asleep to the Discovery Channel’s World’s Deadliest Catch while I edited a few photos to put up for you guys.

And now I’ll turn in, reveling in the fact that I CAN TOTALLY SLEEP IN TOMORROW MORNING!

Heather Sanders


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