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June 2010



An Ode to The Lodge

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Our week at The Lodge came and went entirely too fast. The video card on my Macbook Pro went out the FIRST DAY we arrived, which accounts for my lack of blogging and photos throughout the week. Thankfully, I was able to find a “local” Apple store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After making the 3 hour round trip TWICE, my Macbook Pro was safely back in my hands and in working order JUST IN TIME TO COME HOME. Geez louise!

After our first day at The Lodge I walked about and caught some shots to prove we were there; think of this as a sort of “Sanders” tribute to The Pioneer Lodge.

Meredith's room.

Emelie and Kenny's room.

Pick a number, one through fifty
was the only choice that mattered,

Meredith “won” the room to herself
Kenny and Em were together.

Kenny's Gear

“Bring only what you need
and a few things just for fun.”

Each child listened intently
Hence the face mask and the guns.

Littlest Pet Shop

Polly Pockets

Babies tucked in safe.

Meredith packed a plastic wonderland…
Littlest Pet Shop and Polly Pockets,

Not to mention a trio of babies
tucked neatly under bed blankets.

Mer catches Emelie logging in.

Emelie Logs in

Emelie brought her iPod
A teenager’s proverbial “right hand”

She borrowed her Daddy’s laptop,
saying, “To log-in when I can.”

Poppa Ken - Bible Study

Poppa Ken brought his Bible, devotional
and journal,

Rising early in the morning hour
to spend time with our Father.

I'm here too.

My Macbook Pro came along
as you can plainly see,

And my Momma was there too,
saying, “Don’t blog or Facebook me!”


Jeff reading on the deck.

Poppa Ken and Kenny fishing.

Fishing hole.

And Jeff? He brought a book,
tackle box and fishing poles,

He and Daddy are like “ducks to water”
when it comes to fishing holes.

Kenny watching TV.

The Lodge? It was relaxing…
with each person taking time,

To do the things they wanted –
no pressing matters on the mind.

Eating breakfast "outside" the kitchen.

Unmade Beds

Evidence Kenny wuz here.

A week of ease, the “house rules”
were tossed upon the the wind,

Eating outside the kitchen,
littered clothing, unmade beds…

Emelie and Kenny's duffles.

Before we knew it the day had arrived
to pack up and “get out of Dodge.”

Special thanks to the Drummond crew
for a week in their beautiful Lodge.

Heather Sanders


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