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December 2010



’tis the season to be generous…obviously

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The other day when I wrote to to all those Secret Agent Josephine lovers out there I truly had no idea what kind of response to expect.

I know she was loved.
I knew she had a fan-base as far as east is from west.
I KNEW that she would get her drawing table with built-in lightbox, maybe a chair to go with it and some extra money to buy fabric for curtains.

What I didn’t realize is just how many of you guys have been thinking of ways you could help Brenda. I am going to make a looooooooooooooong document for her with all the names and email addresses that came through PayPal. I also want to include all the precious sentiments. It will wrap her up in the warm gushyness that can be the internet; I’m thrilled out of my mind to be a part of getting y’all’s generosity her way.


I promised Brenda I would let you guys know that we have hit our goal–exceeded it even.

Right now my PayPal account (which I cleared out of all my monies before starting this so I could KNOW that ALL of it belonged to Brenda) is sitting at a pretty $2,541.90 USD. There are also two pending e-checks to the tune of $45.00.

Last night I sent Brenda a screenshot of the PayPal balance and this morning I woke up to this:

“What!!!! People need to stop. This is way, way, way, way too much!!! Can you shut it down early? How can I possibly blog? I don’t know what to say? I know I will say thank you, thank you, thank you, over and over and over, but it just doesn’t feel like enough.”

So, in fairness to Brenda, I’m tellin’ y’all the amount, but I’m not taking that donation button down until Tuesday the 21st. I was there and I know how much she took with her (next to nothing) and I know the woman is even borrowing plates and silverware. This money will help her buy the supplies she so desperately needs for her freelance work and to help outfit her home so she can use the monies she’s earned to pay bills and get her and Bug on track.

Y’all rock.

Heather Sanders


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