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December 2010



It’s a Mess ’round Here.

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Christmas is now two days past and we’re in full-out disarray here. Painters are arriving on the scene soon and everything is pulled off and away from the walls to accommodate them.

As if that isn’t enough my online home is also “chaos in action” while it gets massaged into its redesign. If you find all the disarray disturbs your kobble-wobbles, please feel free to return in a few days when all should be well on the blog-front. Or? Poke around and grow accustomed to the digs.

So, just so you know…yes I see the glaring issues and all the loose-ends. I assure you my trusty programmers/coders are hard at work fixing each and every one of them.

Archives and Portfolio are still being loaded.
There are a heck of a lot of thumbnails that have to be uploaded for the categories too.
I’ve got a LOT of work folks.

Thanks for you patience!

Heather Sanders


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