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January 2011



Sleeping Beauty

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In every household there is at least one Sleeping Beauty–ours is Meredith.

This photo was taken around 10:20 am yesterday. Everyone else had been up and about for 3 to 4 hours.

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the same child that can sleep when the toaster sets off all the smoke alarms in the house.
Believe it.

I’m a strong sleeper, but not like Meredith.
I don’t know how she sleeps the way she does.

The girl can sleep 'til lunch.

The morning rays flooded through her window–lighting it up like a bag of sugary cotton candy.

Max loves to be enveloped in pink.

Dogs ran in and out of her room–jumping in and out of her bed.

Kitchen cupboards clambered shut as Emelie put away the dishes from the night before and began mixing up a batch of banana bread.

All the while her bored, impatient brother did his best to wake her: he slammed the bathroom door located next to her room multiple times; he coughed/sneezed/whimpered as he paced back and forth in front of her door; he stirred the dogs up to bark at a squirrel out the window; and he attempted to play the Wii loudly until I finally voiced that I would send him back to bed if he didn’t calm down and let his sister wake up in her own time.

After all, we are not done with our Christmas/New Year break.

If no one wakes our Sleeping Beauty she usually emerges from her room at 11:00-ish.
And people wonder why we start school at 9:00 am and not 7:30 am.

Wonder no more.

Heather Sanders


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