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January 2011



Every moment is an opportunity…

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…to find joy.

Joy isn’t circumstantial. Joy can be found in every moment.

Last night at 11:00 we lost electricity. Jeff was in the process of reviewing paperwork and I was still up working. The outage didn’t stop much–with my laptop charged, I was able to continue working. Jeff pulled on his headband light and continued reviewing his paperwork.

As the house grew chillier Jeff started a fire. We checked on the kids in their beds–making sure they had enough blankets over them to keep them warm–and the two of us settled in to sleep on a pallet in front of the fire. Our bedroom is the coldest room in the house and the fire’s warmth beckoned.

Falling asleep in front of a fire is a peaceful way to ride out an electrical shortage.

The next morning the electricity was still out and the house was significantly colder. As the kids stumbled into the living room to be warmed by the fire, I warned them not to open the refrigerator. Then, I called Entergy’s outage line to get an update–the automated reply estimated another 3 hours before the electricity would be back on.

Wrapped up in quilts in front of the fire the breakfast solution became obvious.

Every Moment is an Opportunity...



And that’s exactly what we did.

Making Each Opportunity Count

We took a cold, frustrating situation and made it into a warm, chocolate-marshmallow treat.

S'mores for Breakfast

This is one of the many reasons I love that we homeschool. If the kids had to be rushed off to school this morning we would have missed out on this unanticipated, but deliciously warm and joy-filled morning.

Warming up with Fire and S'mores

These are the moments I treasure.
And as a special gift, as soon as they finished off their last s’more, the electricity came back on! They ran to the kitchen to grab an ice cold glass of milk and settle back in front of the fire.

We’re still here.

Heather Sanders


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