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January 2011



No Fat by Forty

Written by , Posted in Everything Else, Health and Weight Loss


Here’s the timeline:

On my birthday, June 16, 2009, I gave myself 3 years to healthily get rid of the fat. My mantra was “NO FAT BY FORTY!” For those of you just coming into this journey of mine, let me see if I can’t catch you up–prepare for warp speed.

On July 7, 2009 I joined Weight Watchers for the 4th, 5th or maybe 6th time, weighing-in at a whopping linebacker weight of 261.60. I’d like to note there were no recruiters knocking at my door. WW set my goal weight for 160. I basically had 100 lbs. to lose.


I attended meetings until I was down to about 220 and quit–right before Jeff and I left for our 15 Year anniversary trip to Eureka Springs, AR in January 2010.

Why did I quit? Well, I quit because I hit a plateau and I was frustrated that I was paying WW $40/month to NOT lose. I quit because I felt depression creeping back at my door and I wasn’t handling the combination of trying to lose weight and struggling with depression again.

Not wanting to be caught under the weight of depression again–and not wanting to go on any type of medication to off-set it, I began researching natural ways to fight-off depression. In February 2010 I came across a book that literally changed my life (and I don’t say that lightly), The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program.

It took a while to work through the steps in Kathleen DesMaisons’ recovery program, but I did it. And? I found my calm.
I also found my culprit.

By ridding my life of refined sugars and trying to trade in most of my “whites” for “browns” – the weight started coming off on its own again and I felt amazing. In fact, I held myself accountable until I could get the knack of it by publishing photos on Facebook in a now deleted, but effective at the time, “What’s On My Plate” album.

My withdrawal from sugar was nothing short of drug withdrawal with all of the symptoms (rushes of unexplainable anger, hot/cold spells, sleeplessness,etc…)

However, a year later I am now down 66.20 lbs. and well on my way (weigh?) to the healthy woman, wife, mother, and friend I’ve longed to be for years. I am also emotionally stable–which I believe is the biggest blessing and the main reason I’ve been able to make so many life changes. I feel amazing.

Let me remind you – I’ve done this ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I now have about 35 lbs. left to reach my first goal of 160 lbs. I have NO DOUBT I’ll get there. I have about a year and 1/2 to do it and still reach my goal of “no fat by forty”.


I’m very interested in healthier eating and living now–and have been borrowing and purchasing books to that end. You’ll see me feature them here as I find them. I am also interested in the industry side of things, which is why I truly think anyone ever struggling with weight loss should read David A. Kessler’s, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite. Using his contacts as the former FDA Commissioner, he reveals how the food industry has contributed to obesity in Americans.

Just so you know–I don’t truly blame the food industry for America’s obesity; they are running businesses and want to sell their “product” just like any other business. It is faulty thinking for us to put our “weight” on anyone but our own shoulders. Still, armed with the knowledge from this book (and so many others), I can make wiser choices in where I eat, how I eat, what I eat, etc….

A Little Background if You’re Interested

If you have just found me and you haven’t read my posts about weight loss I’ve provided several links below for you to gain a little insight to how personal and debilitating this has been all my life. It certainly has been a lifelong struggle, but I know now it doesn’t have to be.

It won’t.

Heather Sanders


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