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February 2011



Yep, I’ll be at Blogher ’11.

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Conference ticket purchased.
Airline ticket purchased.
Hotel room reserved.
Savings depleted.

The last Blogher I attended was in 2007. I roomed with Jessica. We rode in a limo, several taxis, wore cool shoes, perfected our storytelling, smelled Ree’s burps, ate amazing meals and we attended a session here or there too.

It was buckets of fun.
Yep, buckets.

Then, in 2008, 2009 and 2010 I took a break from conferences. There are various reasons, but none are related to Blogher–it was life. Y’know, how “life” goes.

But now?
I’m ready (actually I was ready last year, but something came up).

So, if you’ll be at Blogher ’11 look for me!
Say “Hi OMSH!”
Be friendly.

I’ll be the one in blue jeans and boots — yes, in the dead of the summer.
Oh, and grey hair.

I’m easy to spot.

Heather Sanders


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