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June 2011



My iPhone on Caffeine

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It was just this past Friday I was razzing Jeff because somehow, while standing 3 or so feet from the lake’s shoreline, his iPhone managed to drop from his hand and catapult itself into the lake. He brought it home, talked to it soothingly, wiped it down, immersed it in a bed of rice inside a sandwich baggie, placed the baggie on a paper plate, and then placed THAT atop the Apple TV module to dry/absorb/recover/restore.

It worked for him.
We jumped for joy. Hooped and hollered even. Why? Because iPhones are expensive, we were not up for renewal and Dave Ramsey would never approve of us forgoing our current budget to purchase a replacement!

Well, yesterday morning the table most definitely turned. The morning started beautifully. I woke at 5:30 and pulled on my walking shoes and assorted clothing, met my mom for our 3 mile trek, came home and showered, and then, as I moved to the back porch to watch the deer and their fawn with my morning cup of coffee and devotional, it happened.

I dropped my iPhone in my coffee cup.
No, I didn’t capture a photo.

I was lightning fast, whipping it out of there and drying it off, but the damage was done.
Following Jeff’s successful path, I quickly placed it in rice, sealed it in a baggie, placed it on a paper plate, and rested it atop the Apple TV module. I was calm, cool and collected. It worked for him, surely it would work for me, right?


At least wrong so far.

Note the text to my dad, Ken Bugh.

Note the message I sent to my dad, Ken Bugh, this morning?

My iPhone is now on the fritz. It is beyond finicky; it is menstrual. Even with caffeine in its system, can you imagine?
It will let me turn it on when it wants to turn on.
It will let me send/retrieve texts when it wants me to send/retrieve texts.
It makes me press the home button 15x or so to turn it on.

In essence, it is not dependable.
And it is refurbished with coffee stains.



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