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March 2012




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A little less than a year ago we introduced a new family member into our home. The little bundle of whiskers and fur was specifically designed to heal the ache left behind from JoJo‘s disappearance. By the time JoJo came up missing he and Emelie were inseparable, which is why it was so difficult when he didn’t return home one day.

Emelie and her siblings were out of the state visiting grandparents when a friend posted on Facebook that she had a kitten who needed a home. I inquired and our friend sent the top, left photo.

I was sold with the photo. Which was easy, of course, since he was a free kitten.
I texted the photo to Emelie.
She was torn because, even a year later, she regularly wept and mourned JoJo’s loss. It worried her that she might not bond to this kitten as she did with JoJo.

In a word, she was scared.
I was almost certain this new kitten would be a healing balm for Emelie, but I also knew the decision needed to be hers and hers alone.

It took a couple of hours, but she finally asked us to go ahead and get him for her.
Within an hour Jeff and I were at Target buying the essentials to make way for Finn (who at the time we simply called “kitty”).

Thankfully, Finn and Emelie fell in love.

And oh, if only that could be the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, Finn doubles as a destroyer of all things. As in, he has spent the first year of his life peeing in undesignated areas (yes, he has been fixed), digging in potted plants, wrestling my diamond necklace right down the drain, shredding blouses, attacking unexpectedly, shattering things on counters he should never be on, clawing-up drawings left out on the school table, etc…

Each time we play the role of cat psychologist, trying to figure out what motivates him to annihilate all that falls in his path. Our modifications have run the gamut. For instance, we changed both the type of litter and the frequency of when it’s changed (daily). We have made/purchased toys and we even went so far as to purchase him a Sunny Seat and we recently purchased a Cat Trapeze.

And if you think we are trying to buy his love and not spending enough time with him, believe you me, nothing could be farther from the truth. Finn is pet, stroked, scratched, played-with, loved-on, talked to, and even allowed to drink from my shower, all in an effort to make him feel loved and adored.

He sleeps on Emelie’s neck for crying out loud.

So, there you have it.
We have a cat.
His name is Finn.
He belongs to Emelie.
He is her “Dearest Finn”.
He is a beautiful and obnoxious tyrant.

Heather Sanders


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