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March 2012



Kinda Utilitarian

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Today I’m working on taxes. Taxes.

Actually, I’ve been working on taxes now for 2 full days. All day. And because I’m sort of a crip these days, I can’t get away from it. Any of it.

I’m surrounded by receipts, a printing calculator, pen/pencils, a stapler, a ruler, paperclips, alligator clips, a Sharpie, a back-up Sharpie, a back-up to the back-up Sharpie (Sharpies are important, you know), and a cup of coffee with a touch of Bailey’s. I’m ever so thankful for Bailey’s.

And? Because getting up and moving around is a pain in the…knee/back, I make do with what’s around me.

Right now?

They make the BEST EVER hair clips for annoying-drop-in-your-face-bangs.

Note to self: Take a shower.

Heather Sanders


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