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May 2012



Homeschool Co-op Registration – CHECK!

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Last night our local homeschool co-op hosted our Fall 2012-2013 registration. The teachers arrived early to ready their tables with the various books, supplies, activities and curriculum that will be used or completed in their classes next year.

Jeff and I shared a table. Between the two of us we will teach three courses. I’m teaching Paragraph Writing, 20th Century World History and Literature, and assisting in the SMASH* book class. Jeff is teaching a bi-monthly afternoon high school class, U.S. Government: Understanding the Constitution.

Teachers came out to pre-register and then registration opened for our returning and new members. It was encouraging to see some new faces, but at the same time our overall numbers have diminished slightly from last school year. This is likely a result of the Advisory Board’s decision to make our cooperative more academic, with a rotating base of core subjects (History, Language Arts, Math and Science), whereas in years past we have been more extracurricular without many serious scholastic leanings.

All the co-op’s morning academic classes are one day/week with work to take home and schedule throughout the week. The afternoon classes are bi-monthly and tend to be slightly more relaxed.

Last week I wrote about the pros and cons of homeschool cooperatives; in addition to those thoughts, I recognize that no single homeschool cooperative can meet the needs of all families. I am happy to say that it meets ours quite well.

Obviously we don’t cover all subjects we need for each home school year at co-op, but below are a list of the classes that our kids will take at co-op with assignments carrying out through the week at home.

Kenny (5th Grade)

HISTORY: American History
LA: Grammar Ace
SCIENCE: Anatomy
P.E.: Presidential Fitness Program
EXTRACURRICULAR: BOYS Only! survivor/cooking course

Meredith (7th Grade)

LA: Paragraph Writing
FOR.LANGUAGE: Conversational Spanish
SCIENCE: General Science lab (readings and assignments at home)

Emelie (Sophomore)

HISTORY + LA: 20th Century World History/World Lit
SCIENCE: Biology lab (readings and assignment at home)
MATH: Geometry (co-op)
P.E.: Presidential Fitness Program
EXTRA ACADEMIC: Government – U.S. Constitution

With Co-op registration behind us, the kids and I are more ready than ever to be poolside. Many of their subjects are wrapping up here at home because about a month ago, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they began to pick up the pace.

Or maybe it was my comment, “When you finish, you are finished. It’s up to you when the school year is over.”

Either way, it is only a few more weeks now!

Heather Sanders


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