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May 2012



The Dress

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This evening marks Emelie’s first semi-formal high school dance. We heard about it about 2 months ago through the homeschool grapevine.

After mailing in her registration, the dress discussion began. Emelie was adamant she did not want to purchase anything that actually looked like a prom dress. More to the point, she stated that the dress should not be able to stand up on its own, be sewn from taffeta or have tulle underlays. However, she did acquiesce that a petticoat would be tolerable with the right dress.

I suggested we Google “vintage prom dresses”, but the rendered websites were far from what Emelie wanted. What Google calls vintage and what my 15 year old daughter calls vintage are two entirely different things.

On that note, according to Google I am vintage, along with my prom dress (and yes, it was taffeta).

At that point we hopped on Etsy and found a shop with beautiful dresses Emelie adored, but the seller was in the midst of a move at that time and slow to respond to messages. In addition, the shop is located in the UK and we had to factor in the additional time factor concern since our message included a customization request to accommodate the dress code.

With increasingly less time to spare, we laughed, snorted (and nearly cried) our way through one department store dressing room after another before nearly resigning ourselves to the fact that we would NEVER find a dress without driving into Houston.

Frustrated, we walked out of the mall and into Anthropologie, one of our very favorite stores.

And that’s when we found the dress.

Although the dress is not vintage, the mint color immediately caught Emelie’s eye. The flared, pointed-hem gives the dress a whimsical, almost fairy-like silhouette. Emelie selected the striped, linen-blend cardigan to wear atop it, which was smart since she is always cold and the dress’s thin, adjustable straps felt too casual for a semi-formal.

It is hard for Jeff and I to believe that Emelie is old enough to be in high school, much less attend a semi-formal, but the truth is she’s growing up. She is her own person with her own style and flair.

As she pulled the dress out of her closet to ready for the dance I saw her lips give way to a smile. She didn’t know it, but I smiled along with her. She left tonight in a dress she adores.

Simple pleasures.

Heather Sanders


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