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June 2012



Tables and shelving and Legos, oh my!

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With walls painted and a few store visits (IKEA, Target, Marshall’s and Office Depot) for furniture and shelving as well as accessories to organize, hang, clip and store, it was time to pull all the remaining elements of Kenny’s room together.

In other words, time for fun.

The act of painting is a necessary evil. While it is a relatively inexpensive way to quickly change the look and feel of a room, it’s also a test of resolve, patience and perseverance. Prepping walls, vacuuming and wiping baseboards, draping furniture and floors, and taping is time consuming. Add to that the repeated up and down (ladder to floor) movements with my trying-to-heal knee and it was also exhausting and somewhat painful.

Now that it’s over?

LEGOs and Minecraft, does it get any better?

So worth it for this boy who enjoys nothing more than playing Minecraft and spending hours constructing LEGO sets either from directions or like his artwork, from his imagination.

There are two rolling stools (not pictured) en route. The stools will give him and his buddies the opportunity to build and play LEGOs side by side at the extra long desk. After playing, the stools are short enough to roll under the table giving a nice flow of walk space from his bedroom to closet door.

You can view all the photos via the flickr set or clicking on the thumbnails below. The flickr photos have notes added in case you are interested in what items were purchased as part of the redesign.

View from the doorway.  Why shelving is so important...  Cars  Drawer divider for organizing LEGO table.  red-wall  Red LACK Wall Shelf  Table and Shelving Set-up  LEGO Wars

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