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July 2012



The History Kitchen

Written by , Posted in Web Design


Back in March I posted about the redesign of culinary anthropologist Tori Avey’s blog, The Shiksa in the Kitchen.

Since then, the self professed “food history nerd” asked me to help her design a new sister site, The History Kitchen, a website “dedicated to exploring all facets of food history, from Mesopotamian meals to ancient Israelite recipes to Renaissance cooking to the cocktails of Mad Men, and everything in between.”

It is extremely exciting to be a part of Tori’s vision. In less than a year Tori has proven she isn’t the only one fascinated by all facets of Food History – apparently so is PBS Food where Tori will be posting in a new History Kitchen column.

Like the first time we worked together, Tori provided perfect clarity for what she wanted from her new food history blog/website, but even better, she continues to keep her site visitors in mind – embracing their enthusiasm and showing a respect for their preferences as part of her design vision.

Heather Sanders

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