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September 2012



Friday’s newest addition.

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Today marked the conclusion of our first week in this new homeschool year. As I expected, there were a few bumps and bruises along the way, but altogether it wasn’t entirely tumultuous.

In other words, no one had a breakdown (including me), everyone survived the first loooooong day of Monday co-op classes, we pushed through our new daily schedule, making changes as needed, and we all gratefully embraced the earlier bed time and wake up.

Oh, and I managed to get my design hours in and homeschool posts written.



Also, we have a new, special addition to our Friday schedule – my cousin (the kids’ second cousin) Olivia. This is her first year to be homeschooled and as an only child she wanted a chance to hang with our crowd at least one day a week.

Since we’re sort of crazy about her we are more than happy to have her join our ranks. Plus, she and Kenny are taking the same classes at co-op, so they are a source of encouragement for each other as they work together on Human Anatomy, American History, Grammar, as well as their Presidential Fitness goals for Physical Education.

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