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November 2012



Kenny’s Anemia Update

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Before I update with the latest news on Kenny’s health, I want to express my family’s deepest, heartfelt thank you for all the prayers, comments and emails following last week’s post about Kenny’s anemia. Honestly, the unknown is scary, but we take each new step in the peace and presence of the Lord knowing we are wrapped with such an enormous base of prayer support. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival. We have attended the “School Days” festivities for several years now and though we knew Kenny’s activities would be limited, none of us wanted to miss it.


This year we took it significantly easier than in the years past. We stopped to rest as Kenny needed it (which was often), but it worked out well and gave us the opportunity to listen to a few talented musicians and entertainers.

It seems strange to go about our week as normal, but at the same time there is a good deal of comfort in maintaining our regular schedule. Moving through the paces of the week, even if they are briefly interrupted by hospital lab and doctor visits, offers a respite from our fears. After all, we have school to do, chores and responsibilities to accomplish, field trips to enjoy, and LIFE to live!

So what’s up with Kenny?

We were very disappointed to learn today that Kenny’s hemoglobin is down again. Last Thursday, post blood transfusion, his hemoglobin was an 8.4. Yesterday’s labs indicate 6.3. Jeff and I asked the doctor if Kenny’s hospital hemoglobin count was calculated with a false high due to the transfusion. In other words, we speculated that maybe Kenny’s hemoglobin was not really an 8.4 before we left the hospital. Dr. Chang explained that, while there is a natural hemoglobin equilibration after a blood transfusion, it would not show as dramatic a drop.

His reticulocyte (immature red blood cell) count is up, which we have learned indicates that (basically) Kenny’s bone marrow recognizes there is a shortage of red blood cells and is trying to make up for the shortage.

Without any obvious bleeding or evidence of chopped-up red blood cells, it is my understanding that our doctor’s initial thoughts were that the bone marrow probably took a hit due to a viral infection. Thankfully, Dr. Chang was able to get us an appointment tomorrow morning with a pediatric hematologist at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. After a cursory glance over Kenny’s lab results she speculated that Kenny may have an enzyme deficiency in his red blood cells, but of course that is speculation at this point. The appointment was made early as we were told there is a chance Kenny may require another blood transfusion tomorrow (we’re hoping not).

Prayer for Healing

And that’s all we know.
Please continue with the prayers already offered. We are praying for the doctors’ wisdom, as well as safety, healing and peace.

Heather Sanders


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