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April 2013



How boys play with toys.

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How boys play with toys.

Kenny is a boy. I know this for obvious reasons, but also because it is abundantly clear in the way he naturally navigates play.

For instance, today when I was writing a homeschool product review for Safari’s Historical Collections TOOBS, I asked Kenny if he’d be interested in setting up a few scenes for me to photograph. As I readied my camera, and cleared the area, I heard him snickering behind me.

When I turned to see what was so funny, his snicker turned to a giggle.

Bugle Boy

This is what I saw.

I gave him my standard eye roll because I really didn’t think a bugler heartily playing into General Cornwallis’ ear was terribly funny.

So, I asked (knowing he could hardly breathe, much less speak) what was so funny. And he responded between gasps for air that he didn’t know why, but managed to say “probably General Cornwallis is going to decapitate that guy” before he fell apart again into another round of laughter.

Playing into his corny humor I might have mentioned that it wouldn’t matter if the soldier was decapitated seeing as how his redcoat would most likely hide all evidence. Of course, that made Kenny laugh harder, which made me laugh, and before I knew it, we were setting up various ridiculous scenarios together.

That’s how it works with boys. They love to laugh at gross stuff.

The more gross, the better.

Silent Fart

Gross stuff evidence: Kenny thought the funniest thing about this staged photo was the General looked like he was trying to hold in a fart.

I personally thought the funniest thing was my Instagram comment.

It was a collaborative effort.

So?  Do you think I look good with this flag?

Another thing about boys: Boys think that butts are funny. REEEEAL funny.

When asking Kenny what the soldiers were saying in this photo, his comments, between hysterical laughter, were:

“Are you looking at my butt?”

“Does this make my butt look big?”

“Release my brother or I’ll shoot you in the butt.”

“I can see up your butt.”

I assured him he wasn’t as funny as he thought, and encouraged him to try harder.

Poor George!

See what I mean?

Poor George, he never saw it coming.

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