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April 2013



Can you break paper with your face?

Written by , Posted in Homeschooling, Humor, Kids and Parenting

Can you break paper with your face?

We take what I can only describe as “breaks” throughout the day. For instance, yesterday Emelie came into the schoolroom asking everyone for a “High Five!” When she didn’t get one, she stripped off a piece of clothing.

I couldn’t believe how many layers she had on, but she stopped short of inappropriate while we all laughed until we cried, refusing to “high five” her. If you don’t watch Impractical Jokers, you may want to click here to get the reference. Warning: While nothing “shows” grown men strip to their skivvies when they lose the challenge.

Can you break paper with your face? from Heather Sanders on Vimeo.

Today started with Kenny saying, “I can break the paper with my face.” Meredith, being an older sister who never misses the chance, said “Yea, IF YOU LOOK AT IT!” And then, the two of them proceeded to experiment with breaking paper with their face.

We believe this may be Science Fair worthy, but if not it’ll at least entertain the judges, so we’re calling this a homeschool Science experiment.

Enjoy the lunacy.

Heather Sanders


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