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May 2013



A Captured Schoolroom Moment

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A Captured Schoolroom Moment

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the schoolroom, and no, not because I am a crazed, homeschooling Momma who can never get enough (though I may resemble that woman from time to time), but because an amazing amount of beautiful light pours through its windows for several hours a day. Also? There are a lot of good associations with this room, so when I walk in it, I’m conditioned to smile, and I like to smile.

On the morning I walked in and captured this photo, it was a rare moment because not a single kid was in the schoolroom, even as evidence of their presence always abounds. Typically, there are at least two kids around the table doing their work (Emelie prefers to do most of her schooling at the desk in her room now), or if later in the day, some project or game they decided to work on/play together.

While I always look forward to the Summer, and the break from school and Co-op classes, I often miss the active tone of the schoolroom. The kids and I spend a good deal of time together at the pool, going to matinee movies, watching our favorite DVR’ed shows, and playing games. However, as you might expect, in the Summer months the kids spend significantly less time in the schoolroom. And of course, when they are away at their grandparents, camps, and mission trips, the house is completely quiet.

So, for a few months every year I lay claim to the schoolroom to write posts, prepare for homeschooling conventions or pull my syllabi together for the upcoming Co-op year. I queue up the music I want to listen to, open the honeycomb blinds to let the sun in and watch the deer prance across the front yard, and spread out my projects all over the table without any concerns they might be disturbed.

In the Summer, the schoolroom is my office, and I’ve always wanted my own office space.

And just when I’ve had enough of the solitude, the Summer is over, and the kids join me again in full force, with all the noise and organized chaos I will have come to miss by then.

Heather Sanders


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