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Laughing with your kids is so important.

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Laughing with your kids is so important.

I love to laugh. I love the deep belly guffaws that reduce me to fits of tears and the inability to catch my breath. For as much as I long for a good laugh, my kids crave it even more; I know this because they practice all day, every day.

Unlike drinking chocolate milk (kids) and margaritas (me), laughter doesn’t require moderation. It is always good for us. Not only that, but laughter is an important component for a kid’s emotional health, increasing their well-being and ability to self-navigate the inevitable angst of the preteen and teen years. In that arena, I’ll take all the help I can get.

This morning I was going through the 800+ photos and videos on my iPhone when I came across this video from Sonic back in March of last year. I can’t remember what prompted the kids and I to pile into the truck and drive to town for Sonic, but I know it was relatively late because Kenny is in his pajamas.

What I do remember is that Emelie was trying to lie with her back on the seat and her legs propped on the dash when her butt slid to the floorboard. It took me a bit to get the video going, because I was laughing so hard at how silly Em looked with her legs wedged way above her head.

Thought I’d share.

An Evening at Sonic from Heather Sanders on Vimeo.

One of the things the kids and I share every single day is laughter. They laugh more than I do, at things I don’t find as amusing – like butts, online fart soundboards, and their endless references to the two worst movies I’ve ever seen, Napoleon Dynamite and John Carter. Oh, and I can’t forget Kenny’s fascination with Muscle Man’s “My Mom” quotes from the Regular Show. Those get REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST.

Still, for all the things I don’t think are all that funny, there are so many more things that are funny, and they happen all day long. Kids are funny, especially our own kids, right?

Edited to add: Emelie said I should have titled this post, “Laughing at your kids is so important” because she says that’s what I do. So, there’s that.


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