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June 2013



Life lessons through the eyes of a 10 year old.

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Life lessons through the eyes of a 10 year old.

Once upon a Summer there was a 10 year old girl who desperately wanted an Atari Gaming System. While slightly intimidated by the $125 price tag, the girl headed to her only money source (a.k.a. Daddy) to discuss her desire. An agreement was struck between the girl and her Daddy; a potential earning of $5.00/week for mowing the lawn, as well as a few additional chores. Coupled with mid-June birthday monies, the girl anticipated earning enough money for the longed-for Atari (and two games – Pitfall Harry and Donkey Kong) by the Summer’s end.

While initially it felt like a daunting task, with each passing week the girl grew in excitement as she locked another five dollar bill between the pages of her puffy, red Hello Kitty diary. By July’s end, the girl’s Daddy took her to purchase the console. As a surprise, the girl’s parents purchased her two additional games. She was in heaven.

On that particular day, the girl felt the gift was the two additional games, but it wasn’t until years later she could look back on that experience and recognize the true gift afforded her by her parents that Summer.

That Summer she learned to set lofty goals.

That Summer she learned perseverance is a valuable discipline.

That Summer she learned that one of the currencies of work is its earning potential.

That Summer she learned grace – gaining something she did not earn on her own.

That 10 year old girl was me (*der*), and I was reminded of her when Kenny approached me and Jeff with the same dilemma. He desired to earn extra money to purchase the $140 LEGO Millennium Falcon set.

So this Summer Kenny will be on the same path as I was so many years ago. He will learn to set lofty goals, the discipline of perseverance, the value and earning potential of hard work, and a little bit of grace tagged on the end.

Special thanks to MY INCREDIBLE PARENTS who put into play a pattern that is so easy to follow!

Heather Sanders


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