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June 2013



For the days when homeschooling sucks…

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For the days when homeschooling sucks...

I’ve had a rough week. No, I’ve had a rough few weeks, but I’ve been working through them because WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?

Still, this past week was particularly difficult because my girls have been gone since Sunday on a mission trip to serve refugees living near the border of Texas. Our church’s youth minister allowed the students electronics on the way up and down because it was a 10 hour ride, and he’s smart enough to know the kids would go insane without them; however, he respectfully asked the students to put all electronics away once they arrived in order to help them focus on why they were there. They did.

My airwaves went completely silent – my girls were gone in more ways than one.

So this morning Kenny was snuggling up with me in bed while we simultaneously tried not to smell each other’s breath, and my heart started beating rapidly when I received an alert that Emelie retweeted one of my tweets. Shortly after, Meredith text’d a slew of silly emoticons to let me know they were on their way home. And within 5 minutes my phone was lit with Instagram and Twitter alerts in between glorious group texts.

The end to radio silence.

Kenny checked me for typos (it was early after all) as I tried to keep up with the two girls telling me everything all at once. We did that for an hour.

On the days when homeschooling sucks, and on the days when I think I could be doing more, engaging with my family is my sanity. And for every parent who thinks their kids need to get off their cell phones and start living in the real world…I say, GET IN THEIR WORLD! My girls really and truly want me there. They don’t hide from me – they engage me. I am a “friend” and try to stay attentive of the boundaries they allude to without words.


So, anyway, I’ve had a rough week, but now it’s better. My girls are home in their beds after telling me 2 1/2 hours worth of stories. My ears may be bleeding, and my head hurts a bit…and it’s late, so I’ve been stifling yawns between laughter, but I am content.

Life is good now.

Carry on.

Heather Sanders


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