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July 2013



Remind me. Why did I help start a local homeschool cooperative?

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Remind me. Why did I help start a local homeschool cooperative?

On July 1st, our local homeschool cooperative closed the 2013-2014 homeschool year registration. This is where things get pretty chaotic; for the next two weeks me and a few other homeschooling mommas will shuffle papers and organize kids and parents until our eyes voluntarily propel themselves from their sockets, choosing an untimely death over reviewing another registration form, considering another request, or evaluating student/teacher/volunteer ratios.

I will do you the favor of not detailing what this process entails, but it is akin to giving birth, contractions and all.

When I formed this homeschool cooperative with two other mommas three years ago, I had no clue it would end up consuming so much time, taxing the limits of my patience, and extending my prayer life to the infinitieth power, but it did. It has.

Throughout the process, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons: 1) There is no way to make everyone happy; 2) Disgruntled people have the propensity to stick around the longest, speak the loudest, and contribute the least of all other members; and 3) The bigger the homeschool co-op grows, the less inclined I am to be a part of it.

Bottom line, a few of the things I love most about homeschooling are slipping away, and I have allowed myself to feel powerless to do anything about it; I wonder if that is how the public school system has affected its teachers. They launch into their careers with big ideas and even bigger hearts for the education of children’s minds, only to get crushed by the system.

What came to me last night during a marathon email correspondence with various members of our Advisory Board, is that I am NOT a powerless pawn awaiting someone to pick me up and move me to the next square in the game of life. I am here on purpose.

We are a homeschooling family. Like any other family across this great nation, our approach to learning currently remains a choice – our choice.

Change comes with greater understanding, and I am beginning to understand that it may be time to make a modification. That, or I’m just tired, being a brat, and need to make an extra effort to find my flow and not give life’s daily stressors the power I do.

Heather Sanders


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