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August 2013



Muggin’ out with my daily list.

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Muggin' out with my daily list.

I am a functioning listaholic; which means without lists I would not function. Several years ago I tried to ditch the list, but quickly realized the insanity of that endeavor. Lists are key to my daily organization and survival; almost as much as coffee and iCal alerts.

My lists used to go on and on and on, but that approach was stressful and by default, counterproductive. With at least 50 “To Do’s” on an ever-growing list, the 3 or 4 items I accomplished in any given day felt sadly insignificant. Simply feeling unproductive curbed my productivity even more; I found myself surfing the web, watching DVR’ed TV episodes, or staring at the wall (you do it too, don’t lie).

Obviously, I needed an alternative list-making method to tackle each day, as well as chip away at the ridiculously long list that never ends while still leaving me with a feeling of utmost accomplishment – enter the Post-it mug list. After pouring my morning coffee, I sit down and write up to 5 items that can easily fit on a Post-it. Then, I stick it to my mug. Meet “THE LIST”.

I have considered a chalkboard mug, but there are two problems with that set-up. First, I can’t handle the texture against my lips. More importantly, when I finish my coffee, the list moves with me. Maybe I stick it to the table next to my laptop, to the mirror in the bathroom while I get ready, to the dash in the Suburban while I run errands; all the while I continue to cross off each item as I complete it.

With only 5 weeks until the new homeschool year begins, I am thankful for a process that WORKS (I’ve tried many that don’t)! It is delightfully NOT overwhelming, unlike the scads of systems attempted in the past. Plus, I toss in a “long list” item here and there which is how the fans get cleaned, walls get painted, and bags of washed and folded clothes get to the local mission.

How do you make it through each day? Do you have a dedicated system or do you prefer to push through on a wing-and-a-prayer?


Heather Sanders


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    Pat in Indy
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    Lee Ann
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    Laura in Little Rock
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    Diana B
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    Michelle (aka mybelle101)
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