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August 2013



Good to go.

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Let the healing begin.

At this moment, I am looking out the window at the distant coastline and wondering why I failed (all these many years) to add a line-item in our family’s budget for overnight get-aways; to include early check-in, and late check-out, fees – of course.

Then, I remembered that the truck is at the mechanic awaiting a rebuilt transmission, and I still need to purchase the supplies for Meredith’s homeschool co-op Cake Decorating class; reality trumps fantasy.

Still, there was a time when a failed transmission necessitated an impromptu garage sale or at the least, pawning anything of value, but due to God’s grace, long work hours, and the financial rigor of the last three years, we have the funds available for the repair work on our vehicle.

My plan is to drink up this experience of bunking with my husband on his paid overnight work conference with the same fervor he forgave me for having a drippy nose, explosive sneezes and slurpy cough on our pseudo getaway.

Have I mentioned how sexy I am right now?

I have six hours to write without interruptions. I was even savvy enough to save leftovers from last night’s dinner in the mini-fridge, which means I do not have to shower or leave the room for lunch later on.

DayQuil? Check.
Laptop? Check.
Black coffee and pastry? Check.
Crumbs in bed? Check.

A girl’s gotta have a plan.
I am good to go.

Even the couch is tuckered-out.

See…even the couch isn’t on its A-game.
I feel so at home here.

Me, Elsewhere


Heather Sanders


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